I help the best - people just like you - get better

Going deeper...

Let's start with why this website.

Its intention is to be a little positive corner of the Internet for people who are passionate about being extraordinary and living extraordinary lives (as defined by them).

Put simply, that's anyone who wants to be better, do better and achieve more in their personal and professional life.

What I believe

I believe many of us live aspects of our lives well below our potential. Our default seems to be to sell ourselves short! While we do achieve some great things, there is still so much more we can achieve.

At a very early age, we leave our first psychological address – home. It goes by many names – perfect, present, and happy to name a few. As we grow and work hard to fit in, we move into our second psychological address becoming somebody we’re not.

The further we move away, the more we lose touch with what we are truly capable of and the unhappier we become.

What makes me tick

I'm fiercely passionate about growth; I'm an avid learner, a seeker of profound knowledge, a boundary pusher, a hopelessly bad surfer but a brilliant tea maker!

I geek-out translating latest research-based techniques from neuroscience, behavioural economics and positive psychology into transformational tools that can be used immediately to achieve greater levels of positivity, productivity and peak performance. This turns out to be pretty fulfilling work and pretty damn important!

I don’t leave my personal life out of my teachings. I’ve found (and I'm sure you have too) real life gives us the best lessons.

You’ll find me accessible and personable, and you can email me anytime through the contact page. I personally respond to every message (unless you’re just trying to sell me something!)

My Personal Vision Statement

Many years ago, during one of the retreats I attended, I was encouraged to think deeply about about how I wanted to serve the world. To clarify what is really important to me and how I wanted to show up.

Out of that process my personal vision statement was surfaced and crystallised. It encapsulates the big "why" behind what do on a daily basis, for myself and for others. It’s the yardstick by which I measure every action I take in any given day, both personally and professionally.

I figured it wouldn't be a bad thing to share with you here. Now you can hold me accountable to being the most authentic version of myself. Scary thought!!! 


To remind people who they really are and inspire them to be it


To help the best get better


Humility: I stay open to not being perfect (my boys do a great job of reminding me I'm not!!!)
Empathy: I listen twice as much as I talk (I was given two ears and one mouth)
Respect: I remind myself every individual is unique and their own best expert
Caring: My concern is for others growth more than my own performance
Authenticity: I strive to practice what I preach (this is where humility comes in!)

My Loves & Bugs

I know this section is usually called "My Hates & Loves," but I feel the word “hate” is a bit strong for some of the things I list below. So, being a little conservative, I am choosing to use the words loves and bugs.

My beautiful family, following my smile, traveling, the ocean, comedy, sand between my toes, break dancing, sleep, my original 1972 Raleigh Chopper, being fearless, avocados, surfing small waves, writing and designing new training, living in Southern Spain, reading Anthony De Mello books, my VW camper van, making things happen, wearing my board shorts, deep and meaningful conversations, nature - especially the beach, flip flops, kisses and hugs from my boys & Tor, tapas, anyone with a free spirit and funny birthday cards.

People who use the ocean as a litter bin, small mindedness, imitation Heinz tomato ketchup, cigaret smoke, crowds, traffic jams, alarm clocks, people who talk really loud on their cell phone in public places, war, the word can't, lamb chops, stepping in fresh gum, unprofessional tradesman, liver and onions, mosquito bites, inequality, buying something and then seeing it on sale the next day, over cooked food, tailgaters, email spam, cruelty, people who crack their bones deliberately, earaches and my ever-slowing metabolism.

If You Really Knew Me You’d Know…

If you’ve ever wondered how dramatically your life can change when your 100% honest with yourself, have an inkling of what makes you happy, and a fearless attitude to follow it, read on….