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Colin Hiles: The Mindset Guy

Colin is an expert in improving Leadership Capability, developing High-Performance Teams, and Mindset Change.

He specialises in helping his clients gain alignment and commitment between an organisation and its people, ensuring that organisations can continue to grow and develop in an ever-changing environment.

As an experienced executive coach and specialist in the psychology of change, Colin supports senior executives across all industries, in the public, and private sectors, to achieve a change in mindset at the individual or organisational level.

Over the last 23 years, Colin has coached hundreds of thousands of individuals globally on peak performance technologies, on how to get the best out of themselves, and on gaining mental toughness.

He is a talented conference host and facilitator who has appeared before audiences of up to 1,500 people, as well as leading the design and the delivery of significant events which have involved multiple consultants, and full production teams.

He believes to live a fulfilling life we need both roots and wings. His wife, his boys, his journal and his inner circle provide the roots. While making a difference in peoples' lives is what provides his wings.

Colin is married and has three sons. He lives in Southern Spain and enjoys surfing, eating fajitas, and discussing the meaning of life (but not all at the same time!).

Colin has consulted for FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies including Compass, Deloitte, Unilever, HSBC and many others:

The Mindset Guy's Secret Sauce

Colin artfully combines science, training and entertainment.


Everything Colin does is based on science. He loves to take the latest scientific studies and relationship psychology and translate it into an applicable and entertaining training programmes so people can achieve greater levels of influence, success and happiness.


Colin is relentless in tickling his audience's brains pleasure centres! Why? Science shows that when we are having fun while learning the neural transmitter of dopamine is released. This helps boost creative thinking, cognitive capabilities and makes the learning to stick.


Colin guesstimates 80% of what he shares is practical and actionable. When he shares content, he not only wants to stimulate your thinking but he also wants to make sure you know what to do with it and how to apply it immediately.

Types of Workshops

Colin is comfortable with a number of different formats and is happy to tailor to your needs:

  • Keynotes (1 hour to 3 hours)
  • 1 Day Training
  • 3 Day Training
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Week-long Workshops


Colin loves to craft presentations for his clients. Here are his most popular topics:

  • Resilient By Design
  • Be Yourself Better
  • High Performing Teams
  • How To Speak So People Listen
  • Inspirational Leadership 


What People Say About Colin

"Colin and I had served as co-facilitators for a workshop designed for 15 finance directors from our most significant clients. Throughout the session, Colin demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the subject matter, but most importantly led the discussions in a most effective manner. His seasoned facilitating skills and ability to connect with people in a very personal manner helped to create an extremely valuable experience for the participants."

Sanford A. Cockrell III
Deloitte Partner

"Having just completed Colin's Be Yourself Better programme I can honestly say it was the most compelling and inspirational 4 days I have ever invested in myself. Often we look externally for the solutions to our challenges but Colin helped us to take control of ourselves and to take responsibility for our outcomes. In the few days since completing the course I can already feel the benefit. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone who wants to make a step change in their business or personal life. "

Foye Pascoe
SVP Northern Europe & Italy at Hasbro

"Colin is someone who brilliantly combines clear business understanding with a very acute sense of how leaders can play THE pivotal role in delivering exceptional performance from their organisations. His clarity of insight and depth of wisdom on leadership development is exceptional and I cannot recommend him highly enough. "

Mark Campbell
Vice President (Europe) at RGP

Why Me?

Three reasons:

1. My real-world, verifiable expertise.

2. My presentation style is a wicked combination of solid neuroscience, experiential learning and gigglesome entertainment. 

3. I get the results you want or, you get your money back! 


Leadership Interview

Colin being interviewed by Deloitte about his thoughts on Leadership. He shares what he believes to be the three fundamental assumptions, when adopted, naturally lead to greater levels of leadership effectiveness. Click play and see if you agree.