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Colin Hiles: The Mindset Guy

Colin is a highly sought-after Executive Coach renowned for his expertise in behavioural science and his ability to empower the top C-suite of FTSE businesses. He has helped transform organisations across various industries, driving success at the highest levels.

His approach is grounded in the latest research in behavioural science, and his coaching is tailored to meet each client's specific needs. By identifying their strengths and weak areas, he helps them develop practical strategies to unlock their leadership potential and drive unprecedented results.

Colin's experience working with the best in the business has given him a rare insight into what separates top leaders from the rest. He uses this knowledge to help his clients achieve their goals, whether becoming a more effective leader, building a stronger team, or driving their organisation to new heights of success.

If you're looking for a speaker who can inspire your audience and share practical strategies for success, Colin is the coach you need. His unique approach has been praised by industry leaders, and he's in high demand as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

Colin has delivered services throughout Europe and North America to clients such as Asda, Deloitte, BT, CLS Holdings, Google, Compass, Prudential, Stihl, Burberry, Vodafone, Aspen Insurance, Paramount, and GSK.

He believes that to live a fulfilling life, we need both roots and wings. His wife, boys, journal and inner circle provide the roots. Making a difference in people's lives is what provides his wings.

Colin is married and has three sons. He lives in London and enjoys surfing, eating fajitas, and discussing the meaning of life (but not all at the same time!).

What People Say About Colin

"I've worked with Colin over the course of a couple of years now, initially as I prepared for and launched a major change initiative. His advice, fresh perspectives and coaching have been invaluable - both in shaping the programme itself for the better, but also in helping me to have the most positive impact. He's a brilliant source of encouragement, support and constructive challenge to solve tricky problems in leading change. I've found his frameworks and tools are relevant, powerful and simple. AS well as being effective, they're engaging and memorable - everyone loves and remembers the elephant and rider metaphor, for instance. "

James Power
Managing Director, Transformation & Technology at SEGRO plc

"Colin has been instrumental to support me being at my very best over extremely difficult circumstances. The impact of COVID for aviation has been catastrophic, threatening our safety and driving multibillion losses for the UK’s only hub. Considering my accountabilities as CFO and chair of the safety and investment committees, in the past two years I have lost count of how many times my most difficult decision yet has been superseded by a new one. Working with Colin, I managed to shift my team's and own mindset from fear to courage; from procrastination to proactive decision-making; from feeling overwhelm to drive positive energy and remain focus. The outcome? After two unprecedented years, our protection plan has been a success and Heathrow is now grabbing with enthusiasm the opportunities to win the recovery and build back better. On the personal front, 2020-21 have definitely been the years of fastest growth yet; supported by simple but effective frameworks, Colin has the unique ability to remind who you are and inspire to be it."

Javier Echave
Chief Financial Officer at Heathrow Airport Holdings Limited

"Have really enjoyed working with Colin over the past eight years whether through the CFO Programme as the leadership development lead or personally. He has helped provide frameworks for me and my various leadership teams on creating a stronger connection, building stronger trust and helping us to know ourselves and hence one another better. His affable style and energy warm even the most cyclical minds and thinkers into warmer, more rounded people."

Mark FitzPatrick
Chief Executive Officer at St. James's Place

"I was introduced to Colin as part of a Deloitte programme and the session was one of the most useful days out of the office for a long time. Some of Colin's 'top tips' are already having an impact and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future."

Kate Ferry
Burberry CFO

"I recently had the pleasure of a personal coaching session with Colin, which has proven to be invaluable. He has an amazing ability to connect with large audiences (both in person and virtually) and one-to-one at a professional and personal level. I highly recommend Colin and really look forward to learning more from him in the future."

Anne Landry Blixen-Fineck
CFO at Loaf

Colin has consulted for FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies including Compass, Deloitte, Unilever, HSBC and many others:

The Mindset Guy's Secret Sauce

Colin artfully combines science, training and entertainment.


Everything Colin does is based on science. He loves to take the latest scientific studies and relationship psychology and translate it into an applicable and entertaining training programmes so people can achieve greater levels of influence, success and happiness.


Colin is relentless in tickling his audience's brains pleasure centres! Why? Science shows that when we are having fun while learning the neural transmitter of dopamine is released. This helps boost creative thinking, cognitive capabilities and makes the learning to stick.


Colin guesstimates 80% of what he shares is practical and actionable. When he shares content, he not only wants to stimulate your thinking but he also wants to make sure you know what to do with it and how to apply it immediately.

Types of Workshops

Colin is comfortable with a number of different formats and is happy to tailor to your needs:

  • Keynotes (1 hour to 3 hours)
  • 1 Day Training
  • 3 Day Training
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Week-long Workshops


Colin loves to craft presentations for his clients. Here are his most popular topics:

  • Resilient By Design
  • Be Yourself Better
  • High Performing Teams
  • How The Best Leaders Inspire Their Teams to Greatness
  • How To Speak So People Listen
  • The Art And Scince of Executive Presence
  • How The Best Leaders Get Better 


What People Say About Colin

"Colin and I had served as co-facilitators for a workshop designed for 15 finance directors from our most significant clients. Throughout the session, Colin demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the subject matter, but most importantly led the discussions in a most effective manner. His seasoned facilitating skills and ability to connect with people in a very personal manner helped to create an extremely valuable experience for the participants."

Sanford A. Cockrell III
Deloitte Partner

"Having just completed Colin's Be Yourself Better programme I can honestly say it was the most compelling and inspirational 4 days I have ever invested in myself. Often we look externally for the solutions to our challenges but Colin helped us to take control of ourselves and to take responsibility for our outcomes. In the few days since completing the course I can already feel the benefit. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone who wants to make a step change in their business or personal life. "

Foye Pascoe
SVP Northern Europe & Italy at Hasbro

"Colin is someone who brilliantly combines clear business understanding with a very acute sense of how leaders can play THE pivotal role in delivering exceptional performance from their organisations. His clarity of insight and depth of wisdom on leadership development is exceptional and I cannot recommend him highly enough. "

Mark Campbell
Vice President (Europe) at RGP

"Colin is a fantastic coach with an easy, engaging style. His sessions are always thought-provoking - but simple to understand, realistic, and easy to remember. I still use the techniques he introduced me to in giving powerful presentations. I would highly recommend Colin as a leadership coach for Senior Women"

Octavia Peters
Head of Strategic Growth SEGRO plc

"Colin's coaching sessions were well-designed and tailored to my needs and the desired goals we agreed upon at the outset. I learned a lot of techniques that I am still using, and I shared many of them with my friends. He succeeded in moving me out of my comfort zone by implementing the changes I knew I needed to make but had consistently failed to implement them so far."

Doris Honold
Chair ✰ Non-Executive Director ✰ COO

Why Colin?

Three reasons:

1. His real-world, verifiable expertise.

2. His presentation style is a wicked combination of solid neuroscience, experiential learning and gigglesome entertainment. 

3. He get the results you want or, you get your money back! 


Leadership Interview

Colin being interviewed by Deloitte about his thoughts on Leadership. He shares what he believes to be the three fundamental assumptions, when adopted, naturally lead to greater levels of leadership effectiveness. Click play and see if you agree.