Mind Power Toolkit

Discover how to 10x your results by priming your subconscious to overcome limiting beliefs, have more confidence and achieve your goals.... faster and easier. 

You are getting: 

  1. Visualisation Fast Start Kit. Includes step by step video training, visualisation cheat sheet and a content-rich eBook: How to Visualise Your Goals in 5 Steps (Value £29) 
  2. Five guided visualisation MP3s powered by Brainwave Entrainment, NLP, Hypnosis and more... all you do is relax,  listen, and you'll get results. (Value: £97)
     1. Alpha Calm

          2. Intention Manifester

         3. Doubt Dissolver

         4. The Power to Create 

 5. The Abundance Attractor  

  • The Mind Espresso Video series. Each video uses a powerful principle called psycho-imagery (caffeine for the mind). Psycho-imagery cleverly blends the science of psychology with the art of imagery for better, deeper and faster results. (Value: £47)
  • Lifetime membership. Get all the updates free for life. (Value: £395)
  • The Ultimate Achievement Blueprint. Step-by-step 90 minute video reveals a Blueprint for quickly attracting more money, happiness and success. Armed with this info, 95% of perceived obstacles just disappear. (Value: £150)
  • FREE Bonuses …. to help you improve your results with the Mind Power Toolkit. (Value:£47) 
  • Membership coaching and support. Ask me anything to help you improve your ability to visualise and achieve your goals. (Value: £500) That's over £1,000 of value and FULL SUPPORT for just one payment of £79.00 £29.00
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee:
    If for ANY reason you aren't satisfied in the first 30 days from purchase email me and ask for a refund. Easy peasy. I care more about keeping your trust than your money.