How To Deal With A Bad Boss (Video)

leadership resilience Nov 14, 2017

If it hasn’t happened to you already, it will soon.

Eventually, you are going to work for a bad boss. One who is incompetent. Incompetence can show up in the form of micromanaging, anger management issues, or favouritism (to name a few).

The good news is that it’s possible to learn more from a bad boss than a good one. You just have to be proactive in looking for them and ready to step up to the challenge.

Bad bosses provide invaluable opportunities for developing your leadership skills and learning 'what not to do' when managing the people who work for you.

Hopefully, the strategies in this video will help you on your way - or at least help you stay sane until you find a new job and a better boss.

Here is behavioural profiling tool I talk about in the video: TetraMap

Enjoy and remember to give it some social love :))

Colin (Mindset Guy) Hiles

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