One Thing You MUST Do Before The Year Closes

goal setting happiness Dec 19, 2017

(Please read the article before watching the 11-minute video)

What are you going to do to raise your game and make 2018 your best year yet?

Many years ago I discovered an important process that has allowed me and my clients to grow and improve performance every year continually.

It’s called Best Year Yet.

Best Year Yet is about reflecting on this past year’s wins, reviewing lessons learned then setting goals and resolutions for 2018.

Unfortunately, that’s where the problem begins. Although many people set goals and plans for themselves, most don't take the time to celebrate their wins.

When you have your head down working diligently on building your career, family and life, it’s very easy to overlook celebrating your wins – especially the small less obvious ones.

You just keep pushing yourself, forcing yourself to keep driving on using more and more energy and of course, another year just grinds on by. This can actually cause a lot of unnecessary...

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